Attack on Titan Mod

The RC mod is a mod made for the Attack on Titan Tribute Game, and currently the most popular mod. It is one of the mods Feng Lee has accepted as a usable mod. The mod does’t contain ANY types of viruses so its safe to use. The game has no need of Unity web player, only thing is internet if you want to play in multiplayer. Read also : Kirito Skin aottg

System Requirements:

  • OS:  Windows XP/7, Mac, Linux
  • CPU:  Pentium 4 2 GHz
  • RAM:  512 MBDX:  DirectX 9.0cr
  • HDD:  150 MB Free Space
  • VGA:  64 bit 64 Mb Ram VGA

Download RC Mod here:

For Windows only: Click here

For Windows/Mac/Linux: Click here