How to Download & Use Skin?

Are you confused about how to install the skin?

See the following review.

1. Select the skin you want

Homepage Gameskin

For example, I will choose a skin from Natsu.

2. Scroll and go to the link

how to download

Scroll and then copy the link and visit the link.

Don’t forget turn off Ad Block.

If not, the following notification will appear.

ad block

If the ad block has been turned off, the web will appear like this. Wait for the loading to 100 then the get link button will appear. Look the picture.

wait link
wait link
get link
get link

After click get link. You will scroll down automatically and you will see the “Go to Link” button as shown below.

Go to link
Go to link

After that you will automatically visit the online note web such as pastebin or

Instruction Using Skin

copy link
  • You must have RC Mod or System Modified Skin, Please download before Play.
  • Then create a new game play and press P, After that go to Human Skin place
  • Then Copy link skin
  • Finished !!! Restart the game & enjoy play

Isn’t it easy ??